Zykopops! are a Malmö based turbo punk and hard folk band whose slogan “Zykopops …worse than Turbofolk!” is already gaining them notoriety throughout the Balkans. Their punk reworkings of classic and obscure traditional songs from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary combine a heroic disdain for detail with Ramones tempos and Hajduk virtuoso nonsense.


Zykopops! play rakija music for global partygoers – their spiritual goal is to achieve a state of rabbit-ness and to infect others with equal rabbit-ness.

Fronted by possibly a bit gay ethnomusicological pop diva Lidija Dokuzovic and featuring violinist and inveterate dabbler Martin Swan, the band incorporates the Croatian upcoming folk star Goran Farkas, mandola man Allan Skrobe, little cross-dressing drummer boy Tim Wallander, and the MårDiChu art collective.

If you’d like to complain about Zykopops! please use the following address: info@zykopops.com

The Zykopops! experience is hard to describe -fortunately there’s some video.