Ti’kaniki is a musical collective from Lyon who play Maloya, the traditional music of the Reunion. In the group, everyone sings and plays different traditional Maloyan percussions. There is no one singer but instead a passing game in which everyone has a role. Positions change, as do the arrangements, in which different Maloya styles are interpreted, with a few unique influences made possible thanks to the musicians’ broad profiles. This “Zoréol” (Zorey and Créole) came out of monthly Kabars (popular open Maloya concerts) in Lyon on the barge Le Sirius.

Ti-kaniki sur scene

The first Sunday of the month, Ti’kaniki plays for hours and draws the entire boat into its trance. Each concert is a continuation and not a repetition of the previous one, thanks to the group’s perpetually evolving repertoire, to the guests that come from all over France, and to an unfaltering passion for this incredible music that brings us all together and “nourishes our soul.”

Gaël Champion
Jonathan Volson
Mathieu Manach
Claudine Pauly
Climène Zarkan
Jeannick Zanatany
Cindy Pooch
Sylvain Durantet
David Doris
Luc Moinzandré
Hadrien Santos Da Silva