Workshop Macedonian music

The workshop Macedonian music is led by Aleksandar Jovevski. In the workshop you will learn some of Aleksandars favourite tunes and you will be able to discover some beautiful music of Macedonia. If you want, you can get some basic in how to play Macedonian kaval.
De workshop runs from friday 20th july (arrival day) until thursday 26th july every day from 9:00am-1:00pm. After 26th participants can join the TradinEtno Festival days. Departures are on sunday 29th july.

Aleksandar Jovevski is a known awarded musician in Macedonia and around. His music can be heard through well known bands like Monistra and Afion. During the workshop he will teach in group, with time for individual practice and feedback.

The participation fee of the workshop (including the workshop and coffee breaks) is 140 euro/1030 kuna.
Participants of “workshop Macedonian music” can join the KoloNaOkolo dance workshop and one of the Vocal Workshops for 30 euro/200 kuna in stead of 80 euro/500 kuna.

Accomodation and food are not included in the workshop price, but have to be payed additionaly. Food is made by Ethno Kitchen and includes breakfast and lunch (no dinner) on the workshop days from saturday 21th of july until thursday 26th of july.
We can offer accomodation either in the dorm of Pazin, with beds in rooms of mostly 4/5 people, either in the rooms and small apartments (2-4 people) of guest house LAURA in the centre of the town. If necessary, we can help you to find other private accomodation around.
The prices are:
– for food only: 35 euro/260 kuna
– for food + stay in the dorm: 40 euro/295 kuna
– for stay in Laura (9 nights): 160 euro/1170 kuna
– for food + stay in Laura: 195 euro/1430 kuna
– for guests (not participating in any workshop): please contact the organizers

Payment is done on the first day.

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