Workshop KoloNaOkolo

The KoloNaOkolo dance workshop makes a journey to Eastern and Southern Europe through folk dances. From kola and hora to tarantella and sirtos. Participants will get to know different dances and music, elements of other cultures, new dance expressions, and broaden their own dance experience through sharing and interaction.

The workshop is led by Koviljka Marečić, folkdance teacher from Pazin. Since 2000 she travels to Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece, teaching international folk dances and lecturing at various seminars and courses. She recently lived in Trieste, where she attended dances in Circo Arci Di Sotto and led intercultural dance workshops for children and young people in elementary schools and kindergartens.

“The interesting thing about Kolo is that it happens in a circle, where you get a sense of community, equality, solidarity, and satisfaction shared with others. This gives us the sense of traditional dances in contemporary life. We want to reinforce, increase and share all these values through dance. “
Koviljka Marečić

KoloNaOkolo runs from saturday July 21 to thrusday july 26 every day from 4:30- 7:00pm. After 26th july, participants can join the TradinEtno Festival days. The workshop will have a presentation for audience on the Ples na Tavolac during the weekend. Departures are on sunday 29th july.

KoloNaOkolo is open to all those interested regardless of age and dance experience.

The participation fee for the workshops is 80 euro/500 kuna. If you participate in a morning workshop you can join the KoloNaOkolo for 30 euro/200 kuna. If you participate in two evening workshops, you can join the second workshop for 30 euro/200 kuna as well.

Accomodation and food are not included in the workshop price, but have to be payed additionaly. Food is made by Ethno Kitchen and includes breakfast and lunch (no dinner) on the workshop days from saturday 21th of july until thursday 26th of july.
We can offer accomodation either in the dorm of Pazin, with beds in rooms of mostly 4/5 people, either in the rooms and small apartments (2-4 people) of guest house LAURA in the centre of the town. If necessary, we can help you to find other private accomodation around.
The prices are:
– for food only: 35 euro/260 kuna
– for food + stay in the dorm: 40 euro/295 kuna
– for stay in Laura (9 nights): 160 euro/1170 kuna
– for food + stay in Laura: 195 euro/1430 kuna
– for guests (not participating in any workshop): please contact the organizers

Payment is done on the first lesson.

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