Ples na tavolac

Ples na tavolac is one of the newities of the festival, and includes a revival of the old forms of dances.
“Ples na tavolac” means a balfolk event, where “tavolac” is the dance floor, which is made specifically for that purpose . Part of the floor is fenced with branches to limit entry as entry was supposed to be paid. This form of dancing was common mainly on the festivities and fair days in northern Istria and northern part of central Istria where the repertoire of dances was essentially the same among Croatian, Italian and Slovenian population. Besides the very known and nowadays prevailing polka and walz, ples na tavolac is a good opportunity to learn also some less known local dances. The dances on Ples na Tavolac will be accompanied by the home band with amongst others Istria-specialist Dario Marušić, and shortly explained by our professional dance teacher, Koviljka Marečić. Guest musicians and folk dance lovers are welcome as well, the dance floor is open for all!