Patrick Walker Trio

Patrick Walker, known as a virtuoso fiddler and guitarist. Born in 1963. in Wharncliffe Side near Sheffield. Today residing in Sheffield and Zagreb. Patrick plays irish folk, country, jazz and rock music, in the UK performes with a jazz band called The Dizzy Club, as well as performing as a solo artist having his own irish music evening in one of Sheffield’s pubs. Is involved with music since a very young age – started playing the guitar, the mandolin and the fiddle between the age of 10. and 12. With numerous bands, mentioning just a few: Secret Noise, George Faux & Patrick Walker, The Rainsaints, Kate Green & The Taproot String Band, Big Wide World, The Revolution i Patrick Walker & Brian Gilmer duo, has been playing in different countries on different continents – Ireland, Norway, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Israel and USA. He is a true hero of the English folk scene who knows hunderts of jigs and reels and can always put a spark for dancing in any audience.

Hrvoje Sudar, in Croatia known as the guitarist in Flogiston and Slip and multiinstrumentalist in ethno band Vuge. Born in 1983 in Zagreb where he lives. Has entered the world of playing music in the age of 14. Having played in a lot of different genres, once gotten into irish music, he stayed there, a type of music in which he found a different way of thinking about playing the guitar, and his musical self. However, he is involved in playing Croatian, Macedonian and Bosnian ethno music as a member of bands: Pät and Remetski tamburaši i puce. Besides playing the guitar, Harvey plays the irish bouzouki, the mandolin and the fiddle. With his unrestrained, yet precise style of playing the irish guitar, Harvey wins the hearts of any audience.

Ivan Bilić has been playing tradicional flute and whistles for almost 15 years, mostly performing in bands that play Irish traditional music such as Mrs. Ferris Pighouse Collection, Slip, Tri Fir. Nowadays, he plays medieval music in a band Ensemble Forfaitz and ethno music in various projects. He learned his playing skills in seminars in Austria, Italy and Ireland, and now he’s passing his knowledge to begginer players. Last ten years he’s been playing and touring all over Croatia and in foreign countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech republic, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia. He’s been also playing as a guest musician on many projects such as bands Arieb Azhar & Shamrock Rovers, Flogiston, James Cannon & The Sinners, with dance troupes Irish Maiden, Celtic Fantasy etc.

patrick walker trio