Kries is 7 member band that finds the inspiration in melodies and texts of traditional songs, slavic mythology, dinaric rythm and sounds of mediteranean instruments. So far they won the title of being the most active and most attractive world music band of the region. Their songs found the spot on the air of some most prominent radio stations in the world as well as international CD compilations of the genre.


Reviews of the international critics are filled with compliments for their albums and concerts, and their virtous performance and energetic appearance are just a glimpse of their success. Besides Croatia, they performed worldwide: Autria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, England, Malesia, Borneo… (Sziget Festival, United Islands, ColoursofOstrava, Rainforest World Music Festival, Celtic Connections, Balkan Fever, RTE, Roots&Blues, Druga Godba,…)

Kries was founded in 2002, and their firs performance was  in march 2003 on the opening programe of ITB – the worlds greatest tourist fair held in Berlin.

Their first album “Ivo i Mara” was published in 2004, and their second one, “Kocijani”, in 2008 in collaboration with Martin Swan as the producer. Kries is now finishing their second album which will be published in the first half of this year.

Alongside with studio albums, Kries composed soundtrack for the motion picture “Konjanik” directed by Branko Ivanda (Kries won the Croatian music award for the best theater/movie/tv music called Porin), music for two theatre plays: “Glasi iz planina” and “Potjeh”, and music for the promo material of Croatian Highways.

Mojmir Novaković – vocal
Ivo Letunić – lijerica (lyra)
AndorVégh – bagpipes(gajde, diple), flutes, kaval
Krešimir Oreški – percussions
Erol Zejnilović – electric guitar
Konrad Lovrenčić – bass guitar
Ivan Levačić – drums