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KoloNaOkolo Workshop

The KoloNaOkolo workshop is a journey trough folk dances of East & South of Europe. From kola’s and horo’s to tarantella and sirtos. During the workshop you will learn about dance and music, and get to know more about other cultures. You will find new dance expressions and you will experience dance in a social and interactive way.

The workshop is held by Koviljka Marečić, an experienced dance teacher from Pazin living in Italy. Since 2000 she has been travelling around in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece to learn and teach international folk dances in various seminars and courses. Today she leads courses in Trieste at Circolo Arci-in D-sotto and intercultural dance workshops for children and youth in schools and kindergartens.

The interesting thing about Kolo is that it happens in a circle. The circle gives you a sence of unity, equality, solidarity, sharing with each other, working together for the same purpuse. All these values we want to strengthen through dancing. (Koka Marecic)

The KoloNaOkolo workshop runs from saturday July 15th to wednesday July 19th from 4:30pm-7pm. On thursday July 20th, the workshop will give a small presentation at the Ples na Tavolac for the audience.

KoloNaOkolo is open to all interested, regardless of age and dance experience.

Participation fee for the entire workshop is 50 euro/375 kuna, to pay on the first evening.
If you participate in another TradinEtno workshop, you can participate in the KoloNaOkolo workshop for 20 euro/150 kuna.
Accomodation or food are NOT included in the price. Please let us know in your application form if you need a place to sleep.

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