22/8-25/8: Singing Between the Lines

Ova četverodnevna radionica pokazati će vam kako možete obogatiti način na koji pjevate i nastupate, u grupi ili u zboru. Počevši od TaKeTiNa poliritmičnih procesa unaprjeđenja vaše muzikalnosti i prisutnosti, Baptiste Vaes i Tania Bosak će vas potom uvesti u nove mogućnosti interpretacije i izvedbe tradicionalnog repertoara kroz ritam, glas i pokret.

Ukoliko želite, možemo vam pomoći pronaći privatni smještaj u Pazinu (plaća se posebno) ili možete kampirati u vrtu Myriam i Gorana (besplatno). Hranu pripremaju volonteri.

CIJENE (uključena radionica, smještaj u spavaonicama i hrana; doručak/ručak/večera):
– Sudionici iz Hrvatske: 150 eu / 1110 kn
– Sudionici iz ostalih europskih zemalja: 300 eu / 2220 kn
CIJENE za sudjelovanje samo na radionici:
– Sudionici iz Hrvatske: 118 eu/ 870 kn
– Sudionici iz ostalih europskih zemalja: 268 eu / 1980 kn
Plačanje se vrši po dolasku.

PRIJAVE NA: https://forms.gle/uznj8LqLbZFRzpUG7


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” (Aldous Huxley)

 A multidisciplinary approach to ‘The Choir’ with Tania Bosak and Baptiste Vaes
 Rhythm – Voice – Movement – TaKeTiNa

Tania Bosak and Baptiste Vaes bring together their extensive skills as musicians, choir leaders, performers and TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers to offer a unique 4 day intensive workshop and laboratory with existing choirs or choir members.

Approaches and processes will be led through the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process, Laban Movement Analysis, as well as Voice and Movement exercises which will serve as entrance points to both existing material and improvisational works. In addition, we will utilize the rhythmic body and small hand-held percussion to further develop rhythmic independence, confidence and vocal inspiration. This multidisciplinary approach will further utilize existing lyrical content to explore, deepen and open possibilities for interpretation and performance.

TaKeTiNa is pure rhythm, voice, body, and meditation.
It requires no musical experience and is an extremely playful and joyous way of entering into the archetypal foundations of rhythms that exist in all music. Complex poly-rhythms and cross-rhythms form the basis of the process as it utilizes the body by stepping, clapping and singing to generate a complex and rich rhythmic choir which leads participants into states of relaxation, inner presence, and awareness. The process presents opportunities for fun, spontaneity, self-observation, musical expression, reflection and develops improvisational skills.

Laban movement analysis (LMA), is a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting and documenting human movement. Developer Rudolf Von Laban was considered a pioneer of modern dance. The Hungarian born dancer saw movement in three-dimensional dynamic forms and developed his practice based on qualities (time, weight, space, and flow) and dimensions (vertical, horizontal, etc.). Laban is used as a tool by dancers, actors, musicians, as well as in the areas of leadership, health, and wellness.

ABOUT Tania Bosak
Tania Bosak is a Master TaKeTiNa teacher and teacher trainer. She has worked for more than 20 years with TaKeTiNa, and for more than 30 years in the arts as a musician, actor, composer, performance teacher, and trainer.
Tania trained as an actor between 1989 and 1991 and majored in Contemporary Dance and Theatre at Deakin University. She has a passion for composed theatre and multidisciplinary approaches to devising and performance and music based theatre.
Tania assists and teaches in collaboration with the founder of TaKeTiNa Reinhard Flatischler throughout Europe and Australia and conducts her own workshops in rhythm and performance.
Website www.taniabosak.com

ABOUT Baptiste Vaes
Baptiste Vaes is a musician, singer, choir leader and a certified TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher.
He started working in the joint sphere of artistic research and personal development twenty years ago, leading choirs dedicated to traditional songs and performing on stage as a singer, in connection with theater and dance.
He trained in ‘free improvisation’ in the Garett List class at the Conservatoire de Liège (2005-2007) and has been leading vocal improvisation workshops since then. In 2014 he founded the Big Bang Choir, dedicated exclusively to free improvisation and circle singing, practiced during an 8-month stay in New York in the spirit of Bobby McFerrin.
Also aware of the restructuring and regenerating power of music and rhythm, Baptiste trained in Sound and Music Healing, with Pat Muffit Cook and in the rhythmic process TaKeTiNa with Reinhard Flatischler and Tania Bosak. He assists and teaches in collaboration with Tania since 2014 and co-creates with her LABs dedicated to rhythms, body work, voices and performances.
Website : www.chispa.be