Get involved

As a visitor:
TradinEtno festival has a lot to offer to make you enjoy the week in Pazin!
Come to the concerts in the Castle of Pazin and in pub ‘Bunker’, come to the TradinTrade and learn about old crafts, taste local food and let your children play with handmade toys. Stretch your legs on the Plec na Tavolac, learn about the social aspect of tradition in different lectures and watch ETNOFILm movies. You can find the timetable under ‘Program’. Some activities are free, for concerts we will ask a free contribution. For workshops you can apply HERE
See you there!

As a musician:
If you are a musician and ‘visitor’ badge simply isn’t enough for you, read on! You can take part in the international workshop TradinEtno Camp for all musicians, in the workshop Diatonic Accordion or in the workshops for singers (beginners or advanced). You can jump in to any of our jam sessions (most are not announced as they tend to happen spontaneously, but we will give you a hint: every night, after dinner) or you can submit your music to the organizer and ask to have a concert during the festival. Either way, we will be glad to hear (from) you!

As a dancer:
Dancers are most welcome to join the KoloNaOkolo workshop, where you will learn traditional dances. Free dancing is allowed on every concert in Bunker or in the Castle, and for a session of traditional dancing you can visit the Ples na Tavolac on the TradinTrade.

As a volunteer:
Yes, as in every event, we always need good people who would like to help us with organization, cooking, putting up the stage, etc. There is nothing more to say about it except: