20/6-23/6: Firefly festival

Did you know that Pazin has some rare species of fireflies (or lampyridae, krijesnice, lucciole)?
Did you know that they fly only a few weeks every year?
That they are only glowing every day after sunset for about 45 minutes?
Did you know that the valley of the Pazinčica is full of other rare species?
Did you know that nature and music are the perfect combination for a cosy weekend full of acoustic music, home made food, local drinks, campfire and best company?

That is what Firefly Festival is about. Two days of workshops about nature and music, one day of festival, and one day of relaxing. With special guest Raphaël De Cock (Belgium), expert in fireflies ànd musician specialized in throat singing, polyphony and bagpipes. And with open workshop places for everybody to exchange knowledge about plants, animals, insects and… music!

– for Croatian participants 25 euro/185 kn per day or 50 euro/370 kn for all workshops.
– for European participants: 30 euro/222 kn per day or 60 euro/444 kn for all workshops.
– for nature workshops only: donations
Food and accommodation are not included in the workshop price, but have to be payed additionally for 8 euro/ 60 kuna per day. On saturday evening, participants can buy food on the festival.

THE FESTIVAL DAY OF 22th JUNE IS FREE. Food and drinks can be bought at the place.

We organize accommodation in the dorm of Pazin or you can camp in the garden of Myriam and Goran. If you want, we can help you find private accommodation in town (to be payed extra)

SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HL0KnKKoBxXUDTK8rgl2HgSSTeMuUBGs3ShEUl8RUcU/edit?usp=sharing