Ensamble Transatlántico de Folk Chileno

Created in Chile in 2012 by accordionist Ernesto Calderón, Ensamble Transatlántico de Folk Chileno plays a range of innovative original compositions based on traditional Chilean Folk music. Described by Rob Adams of Herald Scotland as ‘keeping traditional rhythms and instrumentation sounding fresh,’ the Ensamble has played across Europe and Chile, proving that modern Chilean folk music deserves a place no less recognized than other better known South American music styles.

Dynamic and full of life, the Ensamble takes you on a tour of the different Chilean styles, ranging from the Cueca dance form to the largely unrecognised music of Chile’s Afro descendants, all the while mixing traditional with modern.

With the band varying between 10 and 40 musicians, every concert of the Ensamble has a bit of surprise. For TradinEtno 2015, musicians from Chile and Europe will be present to make you dance, smile, sing and enjoy!