TradInTrade fair

TradInTrade fair was first organized on the 4th edition of the festival. The aim of the fair is to promote old and almost forgotten crafts that existed, and still exist in some forms in central Istria (pottery, stone carving, making all sorts of souvenirs, children’s toys, tools …), as well as promoting the healthy food and its own growing domestic vegetable varieties. Folklore group from Pazin will organize an evening of local cuisine, where the older members of the community will prepare some of the local dishes (soup made from vegetables, gnocchi or pasta on the “white” and the sauce of chicken meat. Last year we made a record number of visitors and most of us were pleased that they recognized the festival and that travel agencies have to put in their offer.

This year TradInTrade will be a meeting place, a gathering, research, discovery, exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills. All this will take place at 9 stands where the number of associations, artisans, craftsmen and artists are to present themselves and their products. Primarily an agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, honey, oil, wine, brandy, wild plants, medicinal preparations) and traditional products like utilitarian ceramic items for cooking and serving food, articles of wood, traditional instruments, arts and crafts, small antiques fair will also be represented. The specialty of this small fair are culinary workshops, pottery workshops and exhibition.